What Would It Mean For Your Business If You Could Identify The ONE THING That Will "Move The Needle"...

and Radically Transform The Results You See In Your Business?

Miami Beach
November 2nd-3rd

An Intimate Business Breakthrough Experience with Jeffrey Shaw

Business Breakthrough in Beautiful Miami Beach!

Identify & Strategically Plan The ONE THING That Will "Move the Needle" In Your Business! As 2017 Comes To A Close, This Is The Ideal Time To Take Action To Change The Results You'll See In 2018 And Beyond!

Space Is Extremely Limited for This Intimate Business Breakthrough Experience!

Space Is Extremely Limited for This Intimate Business Breakthrough Experience!

Event Overview

Imagine spending two blissful days in beautiful Miami Beach with a handful of fellow Creative Warriors. All with the sole purpose of identifying the ONE THING that will have the greatest impact on your business results in the short and long term.

Whether you're just getting started in business... or if you've been at it for many years... taking time out to look at your business strategically, from a new perspective, and with Expert, Impartial Coaching is the fastest way to make the leap to your next level of business success.

At the Business Breakthrough Live Coaching Event, happening in glorious, sunny Miami Beach on November 2-3, 2017, that's exactly what you'll do.

Guided by Business Coach Jeffrey Shaw, host of Creative Warriors podcast and a professional photographer whose adept skill at "bringing things into focus" has allowed him to become an in-demand Business Coach for Creative Warrors...

...you'll be treated to a One Hour Spotlight Session, where the focus of a small group of your Creative Peers will be 100% on helping you identify, uncover and strategically plan the steps to implementing your One Thing.

Set just steps from beautiful Miami Beach, a famed destination for models and celebrities, you'll enjoy the stunning Art Deco Buildings by day and spectacular Ocean Sunsets in the evening.

There is no better place to step back from the day-to-day tasks of your business and take an Eagle Eye view at your business, than at Business Breakthrough Live Coaching with Jeffrey Shaw.

Your Business Breakthrough Itinerary

Thursday November 2

Arrive in Miami Beach - free time to explore until 5pm.

5pm - 7pm: Pre-Event Walking Meet & Greet tour of Miami Beach

7pm - 9pm: Group Dinner at a local restaurant (included)

Friday November 3

8am - 9am: Breakfast (included)

9am - 1pm: Spotlight Sessions & Group Mastermind

1pm - 2pm: Lunch (included)

2pm - 6pm: Spotlight Sessions & Group Mastermind

6pm - 8pm: Cocktails & Sunset on the Rooftop Patio 

Saturday November 4

9am - 12pm: Personal Tour of Miami Beach*

12pm - ??: Free time to explore Miami Beach sights and sounds!*

* Optional but highly recommended.

Accommodations & Amenities

An international destination, Miami Beach is full of many great accommodations. Something you may not realize is that Miami and Miami Beach are two entirely different cities. So you want to be sure to stay in Miami Beach, located approximately 20 minutes drive from Miami International Airport. 

Miami Beach is famous for it’s Art Deco District on Ocean Drive. It’s a throwback to the 1930’s with striking architecture and period marquees. It’s a bit like a Hollywood movie set. Of course, the white sand beaches that stretch for miles and green/blue ocean are always a popular destination. There are paved bike trails along the beach and South Pointe Park around the corner from my home is a must see for it’s striking vistas. 

There’s plenty to do in Miami Beach and the sun is always shining!

For hotel recommendations, I am offering three boutique hotels that are within a block or two of my home. In order of preference, there’s Urbanica Meridian, Hotel St. Augustine, and Harrison Hotel. All three offer great accommodations and are within a couple blocks of the beach. 

However, you will receive a 20% discount at Urbanica Meridian, making it the #1 choice all around. 

(I'll provide instructions for booking your stay at Urbanica Meridian immediately after you submit your registration.)

If you want more of a vacation resort feel, I have three other recommendations—The Standard Spa, The Betsy, and Royal Palm. All three are within a 15 minute Uber ride. The Standard is quite an exceptional experience. Staying there several times is what made me fall in love with the Miami Beach lifestyle. 

Airbnb is also an option however I recommend staying in the area known as SoFi (South of Fifth). This is where my home is. Anything in this area will be decent. North of Fifth Street is a little less predictable as there are some noisy areas and not as “polished.” If you use Airbnb, be sure to inquire as to whether it is in the area known as South of Fifth or on a street or crossroad Fifth Street or below. Feel free to check out all these accommodations and let me know what I can do to assist.

Business coach and speaker Jeffrey Shaw encourages entrepreneurs to use their natural creative strengths to build businesses that are profitable and fulfilling so they can make a living doing what they love.

He is also the host of the popular podcast, Creative Warriors, often ranked as one of iTunes hottest business podcasts.

A contributor to the Huffington Post, Jeffrey is also the creator of the online training program The Creative Warrior Unleashed and has been cited in various publications and trade journals.

What People Are Saying...

"You possess such amazing qualities of pushing past all the facade, the excuses, the fear and the factors that we allow to compromise who we are as individuals."

"You listen, extract information, and help people find their core proposition and present it in a meaningful way. You see the marketable in people."

"Attending the Business Breakthrough provided me not just amazing personal coaching from Jeff and everyone in attendance, but new friendships were formed and I've had ongoing breakthroughs from the experience."

The Investment

$1000 per person (max 10)

Your investment includes:

Live, In-Person Breakthrough Event in Miami Beach

  • Walking "Meet & Greet" tour of Miami Beach (Thurs eve)
  • Group Dinner (Thurs Eve)
  • Full day of coaching, including a 1 hour Spotlight Session where the attention of the entire group will be focused on identifying your ONE THING
  • Lunch & Dinner (Friday)
  • Post event cocktails and rooftop sunset (Friday)
  • Guided tour of Miami Beach & personalized recommendations of what to see and where to go (Saturday, optional)

Post-Event Virtual Coaching (Online)

One month after the Live Event, we'll reconnect for a 90-minute group virtual session:

  • Mini Spotlight Session to check-in on your progress from the action plan we'll create together at the live event
  • Accountability & coaching as needed
  • Reconnect with your Mastermind group

Business Breakthrough in Beautiful Miami Beach!

Identify & Strategically Plan The ONE THING That Will "Move the Needle" In Your Business... And Radically Transform Your Results in 2018 and Beyond!

Space Is Extremely Limited for This Intimate Business Breakthrough Experience!